IP Valuation is critical for creators & IP owners as it helps them make informed business decisions
Is your crypto asset a security under the securities regulations? Ask your blockchain lawyer.
A blockchain lawyer specializes in legal issues related to Blockchain technology, Cryptocurrencies, DAOs, DeFi, Metaverse, NFTs, Tokenization, and Web3.
Admissions to the 2nd batch of Blockchain Law are now open!! ❓Did you know? 1. Did you know that the Howey Test should be used to assess whether a…
This partnership will allow the two institutions to collaborate on the introduction of cutting-edge courses in the field of law and technology.
NFTs and IP are related in the sense that NFTs can be used to represent and manage ownership of digital assets that are protected by intellectual…
An overview of the Indian Laws on Crypto Assets
If you would like to learn about Anti-money Laundering laws, especially in the context of Crypto transactions, then this 2-hour masterclass is for you.
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